The Coffee Co.


A business with real aroma The Midnight Oil Coffee Co is a leading office coffee solution provider that delivers quality products and – thanks to its franchise system – also stimulates small business development. If you are going to be burning the midnight oil, a cup of strong coffee is the ideal thing to perk you up. It was with this understanding that Christo König founded the Midnight Oil Coffee Co. He says the idea came to him after too many experiences drinking bad coffee in the office environment. He decided instead to combine his passion for great service with a business that would free him from corporate constraints. “Today, we are the leading office coffee solution provider, specialising in fully automatic coffee machines. In addition, we roast our own coffee beans, manufacture our own solubles and service our many clients through our own franchise network, thereby creating jobs and income opportunities through ongoing business development,” he adds. Furthermore, explains Christo, the current 36 franchises are all 100% owned small businesses with a core focus on service delivery. He explains that this means that every client gets a dedicated person looking after them, wherever they are in South Africa, who make quick decisions and resolve issues or change plans. “We are growing, 100% black-owned business that operates at ground level not billionaire level. Our aim is ultimately to be the number one ‘go to guys’ for automated coffee solutions. To achieve this, I want to expand to the point of having over 50 sustainable franchises, as well as financing my own manufacturing facility, instead of outsourcing. I also need to invest in service centres in the four biggest cities to service clients more efficiently and effectively,” he says.

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