Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs

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Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs


Art for your floor Gonsenhauser’s Fine Rugs works with artists and designers to create unique and inspirational bespoke rugs that add value to homes of all sizes. Unlike some people, who like to pull the rug from under you, Charles Gonsenhauser wants to do the exact opposite, thanks to his company, Gonsenhauser’s Fine Rugs. Charles explains that this is a three-generational family business that he has developed via unique, bespoke pieces that are fluid in terms of both design and colour, creating new and exciting options in the flooring market. “At Gonsenhauser’s, we design, manufacture and import carpets for the local interior design trade. Using sophisticated software and yarn boxes, we effectively create art for the floor, producing unique pieces for all situations – whether these be small inexpensive private residences, or palatial pieces for the absolute highest end of the market.” Charles adds that the company works closely with inspirational artists and designers to create bespoke rugs for unique projects. In addition, it stocks a broad range of traditional and contemporary self-designed pieces, while also offering inexpensive options to the procurement industry for large hospitality projects. “We have grown steadily over the past 10 years, but I feel we are not using the right systems to manage our inventory, and are not leveraging the latest technology to see what our customers are buying. I would love to have the funding to improve our systems and technologies, as well as to expand my ranges by developing new designs and holding more inventory. Finally, additional financing would also enable us to supply more stock to agents and even set up more branches for the business, supplying our products to a broader market.”

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