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AB Products


The sauce that makes the meal AB Products offers a range of delicious sauces, dressings and syrups that tantalise the tastebuds with unique, locally developed flavours. There are few businesses saucier than Abe Conradie’s AB Products – but they’re not as naughty as you thought. Abe initially brought a reduced balsamic vinegar dressing into SA to use as a plate decoration for dishes in his coffee shop in Paarl, only to find that customers liked it so much, he began selling bottles of the stuff ‘out the back door’, before launching AB Products to cater for the demand. “Our flagship product remains this balsamic vinegar glaze, known as ‘Black Gold’, but today we also supply versions known as ‘Mediterrano’, ‘Sweet Fire’ and ‘Malagasy Green’. In addition, we sell flavoured syrups for coffee and desserts and provide some lunchbox solutions, including boxes of raisins and fruit cubes called ‘Sun-Joy’. Everything we offer is a locally developed product with integrity and flavour,” he says. As a chef, Abe explains that a diverse product knowledge and development is the company’s key strength, but he currently struggles with marketing – both in terms of print and social media – as well as with his national infrastructure. “I believe this business has enormous growth potential, but we do need financial assistance in order to grow the business into an entity where we can have skilled staff members running its various disciplines, including logistics, advertising and key account management. Ultimately, we would like to increase our production capacity and move it in-house in order to manage quality and quantity.”

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