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Taking the aerial route to problem-solving Aerobotics is a business focused on using drone technology, coupled with aerial imagery and data analytics, to solve specific niche challenges faced by a wide range of industries. For some businesses, image is everything, and that is most certainly the case with Andrew Burdock’s company, Aerobotics, which is a data analytics company that makes use of aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to solve specific problems across a number of industries. “Our main focus is on providing farmers, surveyors and insurers with actionable data, through a complete solution that includes data processing, analysis software and support. Our system is Web-based and completely scalable, to the extent that we now have a client base in SA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We set ourselves apart with the quality of our development team and by focusing on specific niche problems in different industries,” he says. Andrew suggests that the commercial drone space is growing massively, with a forecast market of $127 billion by 2020. Many industries are looking to drone technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create new markets, so he hopes to soon be the dominant player globally for aerial data analytics for a number of specific solutions, including specific crop analysis, crop insurance and mining. “Our goal is to grow the business globally and align ourselves with strategic partners in the different industries and regions we move into. We also want to grow our team, focusing more on the data and analytics areas and build out our sales and support functionalities. Finally, our aim is to increase our marketing and ultimately look to expand into Africa,” explains Andrew.

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