North Face Solar


Leveraging the power of the sun Providing a range of cost effective solar energy and water solutions, Northface Solar can help customers save money and the environment, while also creating jobs. Every entrepreneur thinks their particular concept is the original ‘bright idea’, but Richard Pickering’s Northface Solar takes it to a new level, by putting the sun to work. He says the idea behind the business is to help the environment, save households and businesses money and create job opportunities. Solar energy has the power to do all of the above. “A green revolution is coming and we wanted to be a part of it. Our teams offer a range of cost effective solar energy and water solutions, delivered by leading experts in the field who are dependable, passionate about our environment and have proven service delivery records. We are client focused and provide specific solutions that optimise savings,” he says. According to Richard, his biggest challenge at present is simply getting the word out. Northface Solar has awesome products, but he needs the market to know more about them, in particular, the company’s new and unique offerings. Furthermore, he hopes to finance the development of additional solutions and sink more money into his installation and customer service teams. “For us to get to the next level of business, we need the chance to prove our credentials to the larger residential developments. While we have the experience and skills, we currently do not have the relationships. I also hope to work with property funds on both solar and water saving technologies and also NGOs, as we have a basket of products that we believe addresses the full water and power needs of a community,” concludes Richard.

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