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Disa Irrigation & Landscaping


Giving customer a little piece of Eden Delivering irrigation solutions that save customers both time and money, Disa Irrigation & Landscaping also uses remote monitoring to solve problems before they occur. In these water-scarce times, many people may have simply given up on trying to maintain a garden, but a quick call to Jarrad Stevenson’s Disa Irrigation & Landscaping could change all that. The company implements time and water saving systems to meet the needs individual customers. Not only will they create a design mindful of the garden’s requirements, but one which is low maintenance whilst still conserving water. “Typically, my customers are overloaded property owners who, while they appreciate beautiful functional outdoor spaces, seldom have time to truly take care of them. We deliver an environmentally conscientious product that saves customers time and gives them peace of mind that their much loved gardens will flourish – and we follow up on all our installations with great after-sales service,” states Jarrad. He explains that he uses technology to monitor all irrigation fundamentals remotely, which allows Disa to identify and solve problems early. This remote management also enables him to monitor many more irrigation systems in real time, and more effectively, than if he were to use regular service calls. “I believe in the benefits offered by the Internet of Things, but also realise that there is a very narrow window of opportunity to capitalise and establish myself as the major player in this market space. To do so, I need the assistance of a marketing expert, to help me package my product in an easy to understand format, and to advertise it on the right platforms. If this were to happen, I believe the product would practically walk off our shelves,” he says.

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