Landscape Tours


Taking the road less travelled Landscape Tours takes senior citizens to unique and exciting destinations throughout southern Africa, handling all logistics and taking the hassle out of travel for their customers. Southern Africa offers so many beautiful natural sights that it seems impossible to take them all in a single lifetime, but Grant Lind aims to help his customers as close as possible. His company, Landscape Tours specialises in scheduled safaris for senior South African citizens, encompassing destinations like the Serengeti, South Luangwa, Namibia, the Okavango Delta and just about every corner of South Africa. “We have in excess of 60 schedules to choose from and our group size is limited to 10 persons, for a more personal touch. All logistics are handled by our company, so we take the hassle out of touring for our clients. Tour leaders accompany the group throughout and we even pick them up from their homes and handle check in at airports, where necessary,” says Grant. He explains that guides are well-versed and well-travelled, so they can impart excellent knowledge to the clients and focus on delivering a unique experience on each of their tours. Despite this, he says the company is only scratching the surface in terms of the people who know about it, with as much as 80% of his clientele being Cape Town-based. “There are so many retirement and lifestyle villages out there and we want to offer our services to as wide audience as possible. To achieve this, we need help with a comprehensive marketing and business plan - we need to get to the villages and do presentations, speak to the people and make them aware of a company that can assist them in their travels. To reach our target of doubling the number of people we take annually, we also need assistance with vehicles and guide training.”

On-air Interview