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Don’t just save water, AquaGuard it! With Day Zero looming, any solution that can assist in saving water is worth considering - and AquaGuard is not just any solution. Realising that while the Western Cape’s water crisis is massive, water distribution infrastructure worldwide is very old and thus losses due to leaks are huge, Sunell Cronje founded AquaGuard Technologies with an eye to developing a robust water monitoring device that enables water users to decrease their consumption and quickly detect leaks. “We are all about the ability to understand consumption and thus reduce it, as well as reacting early to burst pipes and other water leaks. Our devices send consumption data to a Web application that is available for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. In this way, users can understand their usage trends and implement measures to reduce costs,” says Cronje. The original goal was to present these solutions to utility clients, but it soon became apparent, adds Cronje, that consumers in general were equally enamoured of the solution. Home owners, businesses and especially owners of apartments and townhouses needed a way to monitor their water usage to reduce bill shocks and ensure equitable distribution of the water account between the various apartments and to adhere to the strict water restrictions in the Western Cape. “The Internet of Things and the creation of smart houses and cities is a massive opportunity on the horizon and one we aim to capitalise on. Ultimately, we want to successfully role out our products on a global scale, while also uplifting our communities by completing our supplier development project, which entails the development of an integration company for previously disadvantaged South Africans. Ultimately, we sees a future where AquaGuard is the worldwide household name in water monitoring, management and conservation.”

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