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Putting an end to paperback writers Is a writer an author if they cannot publish their book? Having witnessed his author father struggle to publish his book, Dave Henderson decided to negate this question completely by launching MyeBook. It was, he says, an answer to the poor service from local publishers, along with their publishing model that did not empower the author. “MYeBook is all about empowering authors. From our award-winning blog through to our friendly service, we always ensure that the author comes first. We utilise the power of digital publishing, along with the technology of eBooks, to help authors reach the world, while eliminating excessive costs, the limited reach of books, the time taken to reach the market and the lack of clear and concise feedback on sales and royalties earned.” Dave explains that MYeBook offers educational resources and content, while also leveraging technology behind the scenes to better attract and manage authors. His role is to sell publishing packages to authors and, he adds, the focus remains on giving the best experience possible. “Our business is about a fun publishing process. This means a happy environment that includes other people and businesses on a similar mission. Looking forward, my biggest goal is to grow and build a team of like-minded customer-loving people. I also want to automate parts of the business to make it even faster than it currently is.”

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