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Honeybee CRM SA


Creating a real sales buzz Sales people are always as busy as bees, but the ones that taste the greatest success are Honeybees. Sam Clarke of Honeybee CRM points out that mobile applications for business purposes have been hyped for several years, but when he became involved in the industry, he focused on those businesses that sell products to other businesses on a regular basis. Companies like this not only want to know where their reps are and what they are doing, but also to increase accuracy and decrease turnaround time for orders to be processed. “Honeybee is an app for sales reps that is designed to create transparency and accountability in field sales departments, while at the same time ensuring that sales reps have less admin to undertake and can therefore focus more on their primary role of selling. At the same time, it increases order accuracy and speed, improving customer service and making clients much happier,” he says. Honeybee, he continues, provides strong functionality in all the required areas and is ideally positioned ,since the market for such a service is currently wide open, with Gartner reporting that the market penetration is only 20%-50% in this segment. To capitalise on this, Honeybee has two new growth strategies, the first of which is internationalisation through value-added resellers, while the second is the development of digital distribution channels. “There is so much more to this market that we plan to be a R1 billion turnover business by 2023 and we already have a plan to get there and we are working towards achieving this goal. Once we get there, the next target – which is much longer term – is to achieve $1 billion turnover by 2035.”

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