Robinson and Sinclair


The grapes without wrath When you are a small privately owned farm, it is no use whining that the large international labels get all the action. Instead, Robinson and Sinclair offer family wine producers an opportunity to export premium South African Wines, creating an affordable route to market these smaller players who otherwise would not be able to export on their own. “Robinson and Sinclair is appointed by small farms and family-owned businesses to export their wines by way of marketing and selling to international clients. Our customers are international distributors, wholesalers and retailers, and our focus is on building their brands with close attention to satisfying the client’s needs,” says Tanja Robinson. The ultimate goal, she adds, is to build these brands into global icons, by managing the relationship with the producer from start to finish and ensuring value is added to each step in the process. Success with importers is based on relationships – they buy from you if they like you and if you give them the attention they need and want. Our role is to deliver this attention for our clients. “We are always sourcing new producers, and new brands to offer internationally, and have a never-ending supply of wine that is suited specifically for each market. Our next goal is to purchase our own property in the Cape Town CBD, where we can have offices and open a wine store and bar, to increase the local market wine sales. Lastly, we want to offer a consultative service where knowledge and skills can be accessed by wineries that are not in our permanent portfolio,” she says.

On-air Interview