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Getting your just rewards Jan Parmentier has a passion for creating and a constant drive to grow. He also subscribes to the mentality that says 'I think I can do this better myself'. As such, J&J Rewards is known for thinking outside the box and bringing new and creative products to the market, thereby increasing sell-through and profitability for its customers. By listening closely to customers’ feedback and taking in their advice, the company continuously adapts its business model or to meet the requirements that the market demands of it. “We are a distribution business that supplies lifestyle products to mainstream retailers in SA. Our main customers are large South African retailers, and we bring new and innovative products to their product range, through our two verticals. The first of these distributes established brands from overseas, while the second one creates our own brands and products, manufactured in China. He explains that he and his business partner met while working at a full supply chain company, and that while 'auditing' customers, they began to understand the inside workings of an import business. They then picked up on trends and decided to take the plunge with manufacturing their first product in China. Three years later, the company has built a product range and managed to secure several mainstream retailers as customers. “We would now like to grow aggressively and establish ourselves as a well known distributor, with the eventual aim of supplying not only lifestyle products, but also venturing out into other product categories. Ultimately, the goal is to become an established distribution company in South Africa, which represents bigger overseas brands, while at the same time continuing to build our own house brands,” he concludes.

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