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Saddler Belts & Leathercraft


A business that’s going hell for leather! Some businesses plod along steadily, while others belt ahead, and Andrew Fenwick’s company is definitely one of the latter. Saddler Belts & Leathercraft was launched by his father nearly 30 years ago, and Andrew himself joined the family business 18 years ago. He is eager, he says, to grow the business in what is an exciting SA backdrop. And since the retailers he supplies are constantly in need of updated and fresh new styles, his rapid turnaround times and consistently high quality goods have put him in the ideal space. “We manufacture genuine leather and synthetic belts for large South African retailers and many smaller retail stores, and, thanks to DTI grant funding, we have been able to not only upgrade our machinery to be capable of producing over a million belts per annum, but also train a growing number of people.” Although the company has been around for many years, Andrew explains that Saddler is constantly working to keep learning and to understand more about its environment. The key, he says, is to better understand customers, by spending more time with them. For him, the key to success lies in doing what he is passionate about, as there are times when one needs to lean on this passion, in order to keep going. “Our aim is to grow both our turnover and our profitability by increasing both our exports and our sales in South Africa, while also continually diversifying our customer mix. More than this, we want to play our part in finding a solution to South Africa's unemployment crisis, If we can create jobs and continue to build the organisation, we will be able to leave a legacy for future generations and to make a significant difference in the South African landscape.”

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