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Sometimes you need to reverse to go in the right direction Instead of a return on investment, Craig Plowden’s company is about an investment to gain a return on returns. He explains that his company, Revlogs, is all about managing returns in the South African retail and FMCG market, as these are fast becoming a big part of customer retention and loyalty. The company utilises returns diagnostics to reduce losses and help clients to reclaim maximum value from the return, all of which is managed via an online tracking platform. “We are a B2B returns specialist business, implementing processes and managing the cost-effective flow of product and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin, for the purpose of recapturing value or for proper disposal. We create bottom line value for our customers and help them understand the value of reverse logistics in increasing customer ratings while also unlocking cash value from returns.” The company caters for retailers and suppliers that experience the return – for any reason – of products sold to consumers. Revlogs gives customers sight of the return while sorting the return into various categories. The company also manages the credits, repairs, disposal or resale of the product. The goal, he says, is to create a seamless return, as this ensures consumer satisfaction and improves retention. “The Reverse Logistics function is still new in South Africa, so a key part of our growth strategy is to grow the understanding of what we do in the minds of retail and manufacturing executives. Once they really understand the value of a slick, well managed and maintained outsourced reverse logistics process, we believe we will be able to access the additional big revenue customers that will take us to the next level,” he concludes.

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