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Hospital bills shouldn’t give you a heart attack Considering the high cost of healthcare in South Africa, Lindsay John Curran believes that the services provided by VIVA Medical have never been more critical. He explains that a major problem in public hospitals is the cost of the imported disposable medical devices used to deliver lifesaving medication to patients. Realising that a cost-effective local product was needed, his company was born. “We provide a range of locally manufactured, intravenous administration sets used for the delivery of medications to patients. These are 50% less expensive then the equivalent imported products, and we manufacture in our own ISO-certified facility. Furthermore, VIVA has been SABS tested and approved by major academic hospitals. With over 600 000 units sold to date, we differentiate ourselves by being very flexible to customers' needs.” He explains that the company has over 65 years of clinical and engineering experience, and that he researched the market carefully, before identifying the need for a cost effective but safe alternative to imported drips and similar products. VIVA creates bespoke products for adults, neonates and the veterinary market and, he adds, by virtue of manufacturing locally, the company boosts job creation and the upskilling of employees. “Currently, VIVA supplies around 7% of the public hospital sector market, and just 0.5% of the private hospital sector, so it is clear that the opportunities for growth are massive. Furthermore, the entire healthcare industry is focused on innovative and disruptive technologies that can reduce the costs of healthcare while maintaining the safety and efficacy. This plays right into our hands and will assist our growth as we diversify with additional locally-developed devices.”

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