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Rent your property properly An old song once suggested that there was nothing going on but the rent, but in Benjamin Shaw’s case, there is a whole lot more happening, as his company, HouseMe, is all about solving the frustrations and inefficiencies in the property rental market. To this end, he has developed a solution that is currently disrupting the archaic agency model, growing to twice the size of the average rental agency regional office in just 18 months. “HouseME is a property-technology company that offers a trusted residential rental platform to tenants and landlords across South Africa. We offer placement, leasing, management, collections, payments, marketing and our world-fist rental guarantee. Not only do we empower landlords to use technology to remove the middle man, but tenants using the platform gain benefits like only requiring a one-month deposit and being able to bid on what they're willing to pay for rent.” Benjamin says that there are currently 2.2 million owner-managed residential rental properties in SA alone, while the global market is worth approximately R100 trillion per annum. The company grew ninefold in its first year, he adds, underlining the need it is addressing in the market. “We believe that within the next couple of years, HouseME will be the largest home-management rental agency in the country. Once we reach this goal, we aim to also expand internationally and proudly showcase African-built technology and entrepreneurship to the world. I believe that within a short time, we will have eliminated risk and discrimination in housing across the continent.”

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