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Angelsoft Shoes


If the shoe fits... Teddy Roosevelt said one should walk softly and carry a big stick, but Matthew Hansen decided that only the first part of that quote was worth listening too, creating in Angelsoft Shoes a South African shoe manufacturer that uses a unique technology to make an exciting and different product. “Our product range caters to ladies who are generally between 35 and 65, who are on their feet for long periods of time or who have health problems with their feet. This target market desires a very comfortable shoe, that nonetheless meets fashionable standards. We have recently also launched a men’s range as well,” he says. Matthew explains that Angelsoft manufactures leather comfort sandals that have the soft, light and flexible PU sole moulded directly onto the leather upper and insole, eliminating the insole board of conventional sandals, which makes them stiff and less comfortable and flexible. He adds that the company is experiencing tremendous growth, indicating that there is a huge market for genuine comfort leather sandals. “Apart from our tentpole range of comfort sandals, we have just launched comfort leather takkies and also intend focusing on other comfort footwear possibilities, as we seek to carve out a niche market and build the brand into a well known name in the market. Ultimately, the goal is to own our own branded retail stores. Along with an online store, as this will enable us to determine our own destiny.” he concludes.

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