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MRH Blasting & Coatings


A business built with steel and grit. Great things often start from small beginnings, provided a bit of effort and grit is applied, and this is exactly how MRH Blasting & Coating came to be, explains Rhomeez Hendricks. The business was started by his father in 1988 as a home painting company and, after accepting a job that required steel to be painted, the company began to evolve in this direction, taking on more jobs related to steel and less to do with walls and roofs. “We provide on- and off-site abrasive grit blasting, industrial painting, passive fire protection of steel via intumescent coatings, commercial and industrial building maintenance and rust prevention and corrosion control. We also run the largest blasting and painting facility in the Western Cape.” Rhomeez suggests that the company’s ongoing success relies on the fact that it has a reputation for delivering a top quality end-product that is also delivered within the most stringent of time demands. Personally, though he believes that this approach will enable him to build a business that is sustainable for the future, leaving a legacy behind for his children. “The future for our business is bright, since infrastructural development and spending is expected to continue its growth path in the Western Cape. Our services are needed wherever there are new buildings, hotels, hospitals, malls and more, and there are also numerous other industries and potential clients that will require our services. This will be the critical path for our future growth: diversifying into new industries and business opportunities,” he concludes.

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