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Foxolution Systems Engineering


Oxygen: the key to life and business Knowing that oxygen is vital to life, Kerry Motherwell created Foxolution to take advantage of this fact, and to supply this gas to the many industries that require it. He explains that he created the business as a result of frustration at not having any career opportunities where he worked previously. As an engineer, he knew he needed business acumen, so he spent a tough couple of years completing his Executive MBA, before launching his own business. “Foxolution designs and builds on-site oxygen generators for various industries using its own home-grown technology. Our generators separate out oxygen from the air, and are used by industrial clients – typically for things like gold recovery, waste water treatment, water purification and odour control. Medical clients also utilise our oxygen for hospitals and clinics,” says Kerry. He adds that further growth from the business will be driven by the fact that it can easily franchise the cylinder-filling business, and because its technology has only half the carbon footprint of liquid oxygen (LOx) deliveries, the technology is also far greener than its competitors. “Ultimately, our goal is to drive the franchising operation beyond SA and into other developing countries as a low-cost, reliable source of medical-grade oxygen. Furthermore, future success will be predicated on continuing to drive manufacturing costs lower without compromise, developing a new product line and providing products and services that underpin the needs of a growing population.”

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