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Be legal, not traditional Just because compliance with the law is a critical part of doing business, doesn’t mean that SMEs need to talk to a traditional law firm. Nicolene Schoeman-Louw, of SchoemanLaw Inc, states that her business supports entrepreneurs and aim to help them grow their businesses safely. This is done not via legal documents, but instead through an online tool – the SME Self-Service Desk – which allows users access to create and manage all their legal document and agreement needs. “The technology is the first of its kind in SA and demonstrates our innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set, which distinguishes us from other law firms. Furthermore, we apply our first-hand understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurs to develop proven, practical solutions that incorporate legal compliance, risk aversion and business sense, making legal services accessible for businesses of all sizes,” she adds. SchoemanLaw does not think like a traditional law firm, continues Nicolene, and a key differentiator is as a provider of alternative legal services that offers e-commerce or automated legal solutions. The company is, however, a registered law firm, meaning it is accountable and clients are assured of the best quality and professionalism at all times. “We embrace technology in all facets of our practice and are creating what we feel would be the law firm of the future, whereby leveraging technology enables more people to have access to legal services they can afford, without compromising quality. Our goal is to drive more awareness of our online tool and its benefits for individuals, start-ups and SMEs, which will help us to realise our vision of being the most innovative and proudly South African law firm, one which consistently delivers uncompromising integrity that makes a tangible difference.”

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