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With great responsibility comes great power Some business inspirations are shocking, while others are electrifying, and Tracey Bouah’s company, Powermode definitely went with the latter. She suggests that given the ongoing problems in terms of power reliability across the subcontinent, Powermode was created to provide power security to country-wide retail chains, which require reliable power to keep their critical services functioning. “We are a stand-by power specialist that provides Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generators, along with key Service Level Agreements and preventative maintenance options to clients. We protect retailers against loss of income and reputational damage that would be caused by them having to close their doors during power outages.” Tracey explains that the company has a national service footprint which is further supported by Powermode’s Web-based monitoring portal, which uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide relevant information at all times. This allows the business to ensure aggressive performance-guarantees on the equipment it supplies. “Our future is bright, since the retail sector is growing exponentially and we are the experts in this field, with an established countrywide network. Furthermore, there are continued concerns about grid strain and reliability. Because of this, we hope to double our contract maintenance base and widen our customer base across all retail brands, while consistently ensuring our customers’ ongoing power security,” she concludes.

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