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Save money and the environment – at the same time Green is much more than just a colour, especially for someone like Thinus Booysen, who says he has always had a passion for helping people conserve natural resources, like water and energy. Added to this, he loves technology and thus chooses to use it to solve such challenges. With his strong environmental awareness, strong technology bent and his enjoyment at measuring and monitoring stuff, Thinus says that he is able to combine all of this to help him solve the inefficiencies that have always plagued human existence. “With Bridgiot, we put anything that can be measured online, with our most recent focus having been on water meters and geyser controllers. In addition, we have student card readers, pulse counters, borehole meters, wearable health monitors and driving behaviour sensors. What Bridgiot does is we send notifications via text or email to the client, as soon as something goes amiss, such as when a tap is unexpectedly opened or electricity consumption suddenly increases.” He explains that the company’s main asset is its visualisation and processing algorithms, which ensures that its data analytics are superior. Furthermore, the organisation’s underlying sampling methodology is groundbreaking – He indicates that it is possible for Bridgiot to tell within one-minute resolution when water or energy is consumed. “We have superb in-house technology skills, and of course the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially, this makes my future goals much more possible – I want to make every home and building, from schools and businesses to shopping centres, across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa smart using our measuring devices. We are also busy developing a new generation of solutions, which will measure prepaid hot water and PV/battery power management, while there are also plans to expand our offering into the health-related IoT sphere,” he concludes.

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