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La Cuccina Restaurant & Deli


Food made with love For some, food is a simple necessity – for others, it’s a passion. The latter is definitely the case when it comes to Ian Gersowsky and the La Cuccina Restaurant and Deli. He says he had a vision to try and change the restaurant landscape, by providing ‘home away from home’ fresh food, with healthy options and quick service. “We are extremely focused on supplying healthy and wholesome food, not only in the restaurant but also via a separate arm that sells ready meals. Our approach is to make everything ourselves - from the cakes to the mueslis – using only local products. We are also very environmentally friendly and complete the circle through our recycling and reusing policies,” he says. La Cuccina was established nearly 20 years ago and the restaurant has a winning formula, says Ian, which is to be seen as the extension of one’s own home. The ready meal side of the business is inspired by his upbringing, which inculcated the belief that no matter how busy you are, you must do your job well in both substance and style. This, he says, is done by using real ingredients and no short cuts. “We have grown annually at an average of 15% per annum and our next goal is to be the leading private ready meals provider in the Western Cape, while also developing a presence in Gauteng. I want to ultimately have several stores that are retail-orientated and also to invest in more specialised equipment to improve my capacity and thus become more commercially viable. Finally, I hope to be able to complete the chain of farm-to-table without impacting the environment, the simplicity of my ingredients or compromising on quality.”

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