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There’s an entrepreneur’s prints all over this business They say that online is killing print, and yet there remains a definite need for printing services. Peter Kohnert decided that he would combine both aspects to create a printing service that is cost effective and efficient, particularly for small businesses. After all, he points out; all businesses have a need for some form of printed material, from promotional flyers, to stationery to other printed items. “Webprinter Online Printing offers a complete online print service, and can print virtually anything. Our process is easy, fast, efficient and cost-effective. This is particularly useful to smaller businesses where time and money is critical. We genuinely partner with our clients, meaning that they have one less thing to worry about. We can print almost anything and offer a range of printing options and design services, which makes printing affordable and within the reach of all businesses, no matter how large or small.” He believes that the company is well positioned for growth, not only because of its uniqueness, but also due to the fact that it is designed to support small businesses, and these are growing all the time. Entrepreneurship is, after all, the key to development in South Africa, so the company will always have new customers. “We will also always be innovative and look for new products that will enhance our customer's businesses. Looking ahead, we plan to undertake greater marketing of our business, and increase our networking with other business owners, in order to create greater awareness of our services. Ultimately, we are all about creating happy customers, and happy customers will spread the word about our business,” concludes Peter

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