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We build a better nation when we all connect Simon and Garfunkel spoke of building a bridge over troubled waters, but the most important bridge in South Africa is the one that crosses the digital divide. Bongiwe Beja believes that Silulo Ulutho Technologies can have a positive social impact in the communities which it operates in, by helping to solve the challenges of access to the Internet, the introduction to technology and quality skills-based education in rural and township communities. “Silulo Ulutho Technologies is a fast-growing technology company that provides its clients in townships and rural areas with affordable computer services. This includes hardware, Internet access, mobile phone and computer repairs and marketing and training services. On a broader scale our company is ensuring that as the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, people in deep rural areas and township communities are not left behind,” she says. Bongiwe indicates that while Silulo has been self sufficient and self funded up to this point, she believes it may be time to engage government more closely, to see if there are any ways to work together. She also wants to build relationships with various telecommunications companies, as this will be extremely beneficial in assisting the business with its mission, which is to pioneer technology in the rural and township areas in SA. “We see ourselves as a social enterprise, one that is key for our communities. There is a need for technology in every township across the country, which will afford us plenty of opportunity for scalability and growth. In fact, our Silulo Vision 2020 is to have 100 centres across the country, as well as developing our concept of having Silulo Business Incubation Centres in key townships and rural areas, which will help to support the SME sector in a dedicated manner,” she concludes.

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