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Going ‘green’ is about more than planting trees and driving your car less – it includes taking care with what you eat and what personal products you use, and how these in turn impact on the environment. For this reason, Jill Bysshe launched Natural Ethical Organic (NEO) Trading, a Cape Town-based sales and distribution company that trades in products that are made in SA in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Jill explains that the business offers key services to two business partnerships. The first is NEO’s producers, while the other is its retail customer base, which purchases its product range. These two are serviced through a strategy that sees NEO only take on products which fit well together. This means retailers are more likely to buy in a basket of ranges. Jill believes that NEO Trading’s success is built on its core values. The company specifically look for producers and suppliers that share the ethos of sustainable, ethical production of goods. And since the business is owner-run, Jill develops partnerships and relationships, rather than merely having suppliers and customers. She is excited by the huge potential for growing consumer awareness of natural and organic products. In addition, she says, most current customers are independent stores, meaning there is a massive opportunity to get into chain stores like Dischem, Clicks, Spar and Food Lovers Market. Of course, she adds, the other major goal is to develop from a Cape Town-based operation into one that is national, with the Gauteng market in particular one she would like more exposure to. She is equally enthused by the prospect of exploring the export market, with plans in the offing to begin supplying stores in numerous different countries.

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