Bamic Enterprises


When the heat is on for the cold chain industry, Barbara Westcott’s Bamic Enterprises comes to the rescue, advising and providing thermal products to assist with maintaining temperatures of all perishables during transportation. Barbara says that whilst travelling overseas, she discovered a range of thermal bags she felt could do well in SA, and arranged to become the company’s representative in South Africa, marketing and selling these products, which are integral to cold chain management. Her customers, she says, include all businesses that transport perishables, from the FMCG industry to logistics companies, pharmaceutical organisations, the wine sector and even road and construction companies. Her product range encompasses shopping bags, pallets, roll-tainers and air cargo covers, truck partitions, flower covers and thermal blankets. She also supplies special thermal blankets to maintain the temperature of hot asphalt during transportation. She says that while the cold chain can be a complicated business, she understands that every company has different needs and strives to offer solutions for those needs. Bamic has all the necessary international food safety certifications and the products, she adds, are strong, yet light and easy to use. Crucially, they do not perish or harden when continuously exposed to high or low temperatures. Barbara says that food safety and the maintenance of the cold chain are vital, but that the industry as a whole is impacted by the high costs of refrigerated distribution. Bamic is not only passionate about the cold chain, she explains, but wishes to see it run more efficiently in order to save on food wastage. For this reason, Barbara wants to grow the business to the point where she can have stock levels on hand in both the Western Cape and Gauteng, in order to grow efficiencies and at the same time reduce shipping costs.

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