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In the entertainment industry they always say that if ‘you can’t make it, fake it’, however, in the financial sector, faking it is not encouraged, since counterfeiting is illegal. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from trying, but their criminal acts are made much more difficult by Darian Liprini’s Avansa Business Technologies. He says that the need for affordable money counting solutions that can detect fake notes is greater than ever. For this reason, his company provides cash handling equipment to the retail, tourism, financial industries and anyone else using cash. These solutions include note and coin counters, note and coin scales and counterfeit detectors. Due to the widespread use of cash in Africa, Darian says that there is massive demand for Avansa’s products, which is handled through distributors in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Namibia. He adds that Avansa promises to deliver high quality products with standardised pricing and services. The company also prides itself in providing a personal sales experience, whereby any callers speak directly to the owners, who will then assist them in deciding on the best equipment for their needs. The aim, explains Darian, is to offer customers a headache-free experience from query to trade-in. This, he adds, includes free delivery to their door, a 24-hour helpline and a swap out warranty. Ultimately, he indicates that Avansa’s aim is to be the biggest distributor of basic cash handling equipment in South Africa. Furthermore, he plans to have distributors and service centres in all Southern African countries – and there will be no faking involved!

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