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Could you ever imagine washing your car without water? While the idea is one that is particularly pertinent in a world where experts are predicting growing water shortages in the years to come, it is simply not possible, is it? In fact, says Shadley Young, it is not only possible, but his company, Ecodrywash South Africa, has been doing exactly that for several years. Ecodrywash manufactures and distributes waterless eco-friendly vehicle cleaning products throughout the country, and it has also begun sending products to the Congo, Botswana and Malawi, he says. In addition, its solutions were utilised at the United Nations COP17 conference in Durban in 2011. There is an international water-crisis, indicates Shadley, pointing out that since water cannot be manufactured and desalinisation is far too costly, protection and preservation are our only options. In this light, Ecodrywash is providing an essential service, as its products combat water wastage and conserve some 180 litres of water per vehicle washed. Apart from the ‘green’ credentials his products have, he says that an additional competitive advantage is that they are ‘proudly South African’, which allows for immediate service delivery without delay to the local market .Moreover, adds Shadley, it also provides for extremely competitive pricing when selling these products internationally. Looking to the future, he aims to capitalise on his initial international forays, gaining additional traction in Europe, the US and Asia over the next few years. Furthermore, says Shadley, he expects the current footprint the company has in Africa to grow substantially, encompassing the majority of the African continent.

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