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Garner Wafers & Confectionary


Despite Hansel and Gretel’s misfortune with the gingerbread house, most sweet-toothed people still dream of one day finding something similar. Elsabe Hoal clearly understands this, as she says that Garner Wafers and Confectionary can deliver all the best bits of that particular fairy tale, minus the witch, of course. With a background that includes working in an ice cream store, Elsabe quickly saw the opportunity to become a central kitchen and one-stop-shop to ice cream outlets. Today, her company manufactures sugar cones, sweet products, chocolates, waffles and ice cream. Despite this, she says, the business insists on semi-automation, ensuring that it also employs people. The business is mostly known for its innovation and its broad basket of goods, she says, pointing out that it is probably one of the most versatile companies in the world, since it can make a stunning product from start to finish, without assistance. This has been recognised by a number of major customers, including Checkers, Steers, Spur, Marcels Frozen Yoghurt and Spar. The company constantly innovates – for example, by making speciality products for particular stores or brands – and more importantly, it does not let machines dictate what it makes. Instead, Elsabe says, the people dictate what the machines must make, meaning that the sky really is the limit. Looking ahead, she wants to seriously improve the company’s fleet of vehicles, in order for them to be both ambient and frozen. This, she feels, will give the business leverage to move into distribution, as well and pay for its own transport, meaning it will only require other companies for distribution and warehousing. Her other goal is to purchase another cone machine and improve the company’s packaging, in order to begin exporting into Africa.

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