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Doggobone Active Raw Foods c.c


Old Mother Hubbard may have wanted to give her dog a bone, but according to Abdul Palekar, there are much healthier foods you can feed to your furry friends. Having become dissatisfied with commercial pet foods and wanting to give his own dogs better and healthier food that would improve the quality of their life, he founded Doggobone Active Raw Food. Abdul says that he soon identified that there is a need for a product that is not only affordable, but that also has the nutritional needs of the animal at heart. He also learned that he was not the only person who had concerns around feeding a species-appropriate diet to his pets. Thus, what started off as a hobby has now become an established business. He says that Doggobone produces grain- and preservative-free food for dogs and cats, which is termed biologically appropriate raw food. Instead, it contains finely ground meat and bones, organ meats, vegetables, fruit, herbs and vitamin and minerals, all developed under the mentorship of nutritionist, Dr Richard Patton. He points out that while it has taken time to gain the trust of the veterinary fraternity and to change the consumer’s mind-set, the company now outshines its competitors, giving its clients a personalised service and adapting to changing market requirements. Moreover, he adds, its mechanised production line enables it to produce affordable products for all income groups. He says that because his products are neither heat-processed nor extruded, they retain all the enzymes required to sustain life. In other words, his company offers a simple and healthy alternative to standard pet food. And his aims are equally simple – he has his sights set on becoming a truly dominant role player in the industry, rather than merely a market leader.

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