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1 UP Design Pty Ltd


Most exhibitionists find themselves on the wrong side of the law at some point or another; Richard Eden, on the other hand, has turned exhibitionism into a thriving business. His company, 1 Up Design, offers a complete turnkey exhibition service which encompasses conceptualisation, 3D designing and rendering, custom manufacturing and on-site installation.When it comes to providing a custom designed space for an exhibition, event, mall activation, shopfitting or even a commercial film set, he says that his company can do it all. What really sets 1 Up Design apart, however, is its funky people who are focused on building relationships, rather than just delivering products and services. In addition, says Richard, the company has the added advantage of having its own in-house design and manufacturing facilities in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. This means the company controls the entire process from start to finish.He is particularly enthusiastic about the newly established branch in Johannesburg, which has flourished and has grown substantially, providing the business with a firm foothold in the industry, together with the promise of much growth for the future. Richard adds that the cross pollination effect provided by the two branches only increases the company’s growth potential.He believes that in an industry where there is little customer loyalty, the ability to control the entire process without having to sub contract work out is a key differentiator. Furthermore, he aims to be seen as a full service provider rather than a manufacturer, and constantly aspires to be the best, hire the best and is always inspired to try new ideas and products, as he wants to remain a pioneer in the Industry.

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