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There are plenty of things in life that tax us to the limits, but none more so than doing our taxes. Even with the advent of SARS e-Filing, the vast majority of South Africans are so befuddled by the tax question that they simply have to hand things over to a professional. Or at least they did before Evan Robinson unleashed TaxTim on the nation. TaxTim, he says, is an online, digital tax assistant that helps individuals through a step-by-step process to complete their own tax returns quickly, easily and without stress. TaxTim asks you simple questions one-by-one in plain language (no tax jargon), then instantly converts your answers into a fully compliant, professional tax return for easy filing with SARS. TaxTim helps individuals and has packages for corporate employees too. Evan believes that TaxTim provides a refreshing ‘human’ service at a consumer level to taxpayers, pointing out that people as old as 80 use its simple, intuitive interface to do their returns easily. Of course, he says, what he really needs now is to find a large scale corporate partner through which this beneficial service could be provided. This, says Evan, would help to create that foot-in-the-door big brand credibility-by-association that is crucial for a new service. Equally, he would be happy to be bundled in with an existing product or even have the service white-labelled by a large corporate. He says that his goal is to change the entrenched South African mind-set that says "I must give my tax to a person", and instead make it one of "I can do this myself". Ultimately, he wants TaxTim to be Go-To for consumer tax, while the next version of the product - a Tax Business in a Box for township entrepreneurs – will also assist the SME market.

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