Time, they say, waits for no man and while this may be a truism, if you were to take a leaf out of David Green’s book, you would at least be assured that your time will be particularly stylish and natural. This is because his business, The Green Company, focuses on producing timepieces (and eyewear) crafted with real leaves. David says he launched the business as a way of not only earning his personal freedom, but as a means to unchain his creativity. He says that he saw an opportunity in both eyewear and timepieces to combine the appeal of art and the cutting edge of engineering. While these may be very different and polarised competencies, David says he has been fortunate to inherit and learn both. Taking inspiration from nature, his products use real leaves in their designs. As he describes it, the company is radically different to its competition, in that it zigs while the others are zagging, and vice versa. It's not so much what he does, says David, but how he does it that makes the business stand apart from its competitors. In particular, everything he does is conceived from a platform of being ‘green’-orientated and freshly innovative. While he sources components and skills worldwide, these are co-ordinated at the company’s Cape Town offices to deliver products that offer outstanding value innovation. David says that these are now marketed and sold through more than 500 distributors in over twenty countries worldwide. Despite this, he feels he has just scratched the surface in terms of distribution. His goal, therefore, is to have these unique products and concepts introduced and backed by distributors with material influence in the massive US market. Furthermore, he wants the business to continue serving as both an active and enthusiastic ambassador for the industry, as well as demonstrating the ‘green’ credentials that Cape Town and South Africa offers above other ‘design’ cities or nations.

On-air Interview