Flowers for Africa cc


Next time you pop into a supermarket to pick up a bunch of flowers because you forgot your better half’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, spare a thought for where such flowers come from. It takes a company like Flowers for Africa to ensure they are wrapped up in a beautiful bunch, looking freshly picked, and delivered on time to the supermarket, so they are there waiting to rescue you from your own forgetfulness. Samantha Bramhall, the company’s owner, says that Flowers for Africa make and distribute bunches of fresh flowers to Pick n Pay Family stores, Kwikspars, and any other convenient store that requires fresh flowers. The business also supplies the florist trade and hotels. She explains that she initially got into this line of work having witnessed, while working as a driver in a local florist, how many wholesalers were over charging florists and not offering the service this warranted. Therefore, Flowers for Africa prides itself in going the extra mile for its customers, demonstrating this by ensuring the company is available to its customers on a 24/7 basis. Samantha also takes pride in the fact that she offers genuine quality. This is indicated by the 98 supermarkets the company already supplies. She adds that members of the public are also welcome to visit the company warehouse and buy fresh flowers plants and accessories. Looking ahead, she says that she needs to develop a larger warehouse, one that is renowned as the Number One flower destination. More pertinently, she has plans to develop an online florist, in order to compete in the cyber-arena and aims to not only expand the existing retail outlet, but also consider turning the business into a franchise.

On-air Interview