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It seems that in the modern world, absolutely everything is going electronic – from e-mail to digital music and cameras to the fuel control systems in our cars. And now, thanks to Nathan Smith’s company, Twisp, even smokers no longer need to get their fix from physical cigarettes, not when there are e-cigarettes available. Twisp, he explains, is South Africa's top selling electronic cigarette, utilising a Dutch-designed device. The company also produces its refill flavours locally in Cape Town, through a licensed pharmaceutical company. Nathan says that the company currently owns 17 dedicated Twisp retail stores, which can be found in major shopping centres across the country, while the brand is also stocked exclusively in 75 Clicks Mega stores. He says that Twisp is spearheading the electronic cigarette category in SA and is the first such brand in the world to grow through dedicated retail stores. Moreover, its refill flavours are amongst the world’s best, utilising natural ingredients as far as possible to create the flavour. Nathan believes that his business is beginning to define the category – demonstrated by the fact that people talk about ‘Twisping’, rather than ‘vaping’. While the company has already experienced massive growth, he believes that the market potential just locally is huge, with roughly seven million smokers in the target market seeking alternatives. Thanks to the local manufacturing of refill flavours, exclusivity contracts and the device rights for the whole of Africa, he certainly anticipates increased growth. His goal is for Twisp to remain the largest selling e-cigarette in SA and aims to achieve this by increasing distribution, focusing on continuous research and development in device technology and increasing the flavour range. Following this, his next milestone will be to explore expanding the product range into the broader African market.

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