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The trouble with being a small business is that far too often, you find yourself running around madly, putting out fires. Unless you happen to be MeyCom, whose owner John Meyer has essentially built his business model on doing just that. John says that since around 80% of all fire detection systems are not fully operational at any time, he came up with the idea of providing a service to monitor and manage the repair of faults on a real-time, 24/7 basis. He says that MeyCom has developed a solution called Guardian Manager, which is an extremely cost effective monitoring system that utilises cell phone, Web and Internet technology to meet this requirement. He adds that as far as he can ascertain, this is a world first, and there is no other building monitoring service of this nature available anywhere. Moreover, Guardian Manager is completely scalable and is easy to install and use. Most crucially, adds John, the service can be extended beyond merely monitoring fire detection systems, as any equipment or system that provides an alarm signal or output can be monitored by Guardian. He says that his next goal is to begin securing corporate deals, while also improving the company’s marketing strategy. He has been helped by the shift towards improving life safety systems that is being driven by both companies and government. A long term goal is to establish a structure of distributors and resellers and also expand into the UK, Europe and Australia. In the near future, he indicates that 2014 will see the release of major new features for the Guardian solution, which will make his ultimate goal of establishing both a national and African footprint that much easier. By doing this, he adds that he will create additional business opportunities for contractors installing Guardian, thereby positively impacting on job creation

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