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Donix Embedded Systems


A smart business that makes the world a smarter place. After decades spent developing technologies for the SA military, the engineers at Donix Embedded Systems are now working on products to solve a range of commercial and social problems. Donovan Martin, the Chief Engineer at Donix, has a vision of building a centre of technological excellence, where top local engineering students seek to work, rather than joining the ‘brain drain’ often associated with South Africa’s top talent. Business Manager Kevin Weiss says Donix aims to help businesses become more competitive through technology. He explained that a paradigm shift is needed to move SA away from being a technology importer, towards an innovative hub that can compete with international markets, with Donix positioned as the starting point for such a shift. Donix is busy aligning itself at the centre of the telemetry space - an industry focused on measuring and communicating data. While Donix has developed technology embedded in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and smart locking systems, the company is increasingly focused on managing energy resources. “What gets measured, gets managed,” Kevin points out, “We want to do the measuring, so that others can do the managing.” A great example of this is the collaboration between Donix, Guardian Manager, and Intellibus – three Cape Town based companies partnering to provide a solution to expensive energy bills. The so-called Internet of Things is a trend Donix, as a key player in the electronics engineering industry, is watching closely. Kevin believes that resources across the globe will shift from software to hardware over the next decade, as products of all types begin connecting to the Internet – a trend Donix is keen to lead.

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