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Clear Fusion has your company’s back! When The Buggles claimed that ‘video killed the radio star’, they were almost presciently outlining how David Wegerle’s company, Clear Fusion, was going to one day use video as a means for internal and external communication, and even training.As someone who claims to love to impact people, David says he is equally passionate about innovation and the delivery of results. He also wants to Influence South Africa in a positive way by providing jobs and opportunities for people around him. Clear Fusion encapsulates all of these areas.The company offers services that range from strategic consultation and team alignment, to change management and communication design. It also encompasses inspirational live events, content creation and digital doorways. David says that whether an organisation needs to train employees via video or deliver a high-impact, inspirational event, his company is able to assist.The company is now busy creating internal learning academies for several large corporates, which Clear Fusion will continue to both develop and manage, going forward. In addition, says David, the company has created the first working m-learning responsive training system and he claims to be working on developing a competitive cloud solution, particularly for the SMME sector. This system, he explains, would include email exchange services and accounting services that could plug into pastel and QuickBooks. To continue the company’s successful forward momentum, David says that he needs to work directly with the CEOs of his clients’ companies, while continuing to develop even more innovative business solutions. Can he see a final destination? Certainly, concludes David: It will be when the business is on an equal footing with the largest consulting houses in the world – and he has a plan to get there.

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