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Radios that aren’t even remotely gaga! Freddy Mercury may have sung about ‘Radio Gaga’ with high energy back in the 1980s, but BJR Electronics sits at the opposite end of the spectrum to this, supplying low energy radios that are anything but gaga! Grethe Rademan now runs the business that her father launched, supplying products designed for cost efficiency, quality and harsh environments. Grethe explains that BJR provides long distance, low energy radios that allow for the control and monitoring of virtually anything, although most customers tend to be in the farming or remote or cold storage facilities sectors. In this industry, she continues, the device that covers the longest distances and delivers the best energy usage, with the most reliable data throughput tends to be the winner, especially in harsh farming environments. As the owner of such radio technology, BJR provides services such as wireless irrigation control, wireless temperature logging systems and wireless humidity probes. She wants BJR to grow to the point that the company can turn a large enough profit to ensure that all employees can be provided with above-average salaries. She also wants the business to become a name that everyone recognises as one of high quality, reliability and trustworthiness. Looking to the future, Grethe says that the younger generations simply expect to be able to control things from their tablet or smart phone, so the company is looking to develop an Internet application to enable users to do this with BJR’s devices. On a related note, she aims to move into the home automation market, with a generic, cost efficient radio module that can also be controlled via the Internet.

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