Estate Living


Where community meets lifestyle Taking the concept of the ‘Fourth Estate’ to a whole new level, Jaime-Lee van Sittert’s company, Estate Living is now the official communication and marketing platform to the residential estates community. It represents over 300 of the top golf, wine, security and lifestyle estates in the country. Jaime-Lee suggests that she became involved in this space due to the opportunity she saw to build the business, and she remains motivated in the tough times by focusing on both these opportunities and on the other people who rely on the business for survival. She explains that she wanted the freedom to build a business through which she could constantly learn and grow and develop. At the same time, she wanted to build a future and leave a legacy while – in the process – giving others an opportunity to make a success of themselves. As strong as the business is, continues Jaime-lee, she wants to continue building the brand and even develop subsidiary businesses relevant to this market. This, she says, would include launching an event division, with the plan being to ultimately facilitate at least one event per region annually. For the future, she not only wants to build an Estate Living property portfolio, whereby the business owns property within the communities it serves, but she has much more ambitious plans. Ultimately, she wants to develop Estate Living into the global representative for the estate industry, by franchising the brand to a global market and, she adds, the process has already begun, with relationships being built with key players in both the European and American markets.

On-air Interview