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Days of wine and…more wine! Bacchus has long been celebrated as the God of Wine and Merriment, but for all his legendary powers, Judy Brower and her WineNet business have something even one of the famed Greek Pantheon would be jealous of – the Internet! Judy says that she and her husband were working in IT, before deciding to take charge of their own destiny. By combining their love of wine with their IT background, Judy says they were able to create a portal that now attracts international traffic from a far wider sphere than just that of the Greek Gods. She explains that the company manages and hosts information and websites for multiple wineries – around 1000 are listed, 200 are clients and there are also 40 websites and wine shops. WineNet also publishes news for and about the wine industry, as well as publicising events for and about the industry. In addition, the portal offers access to information about wine tourism to consumers and provides dynamic information about SA wine into other websites, using APIs. All of this is coupled with the fact that the 18-year old business provides a one-stop-shop for the purchase of SA wine. Judy adds that the company prides itself on a really efficient turnaround time and on keeping websites and information updated, for which it has even developed its own software. This family-based working environment focuses on two key aspects – making the purchasing and delivery of wine a simple task for consumers, and assisting them to plan trips to the winelands, to experience it for themselves. And what of the future? She says that building her brand image of being reliable, knowing her product and providing exceptional service is important, as her ultimate aim is to grow wine sales turnover 10-fold in the next three years and again exponentially after that.

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