DFA Solutions


Making sure your security is managed properlySecurity in today’s day and age is one of the most important issues a company needs to consider. Even more critical though, is who manages your security for you. This is the opportunity that was presented to Deon Ferrier, and led to the formation of DFA Solutions. He explains that when the large organisation he worked for chose to relocate – and he didn’t – he was offered the chance to continue providing his specialised skills to them as a contractor.Deon says that his entrepreneurial instincts immediately kicked in, resulting in him launching his own business, providing endpoint managed security solutions, as well as managed services and information management.What has made the business a success so far, he adds, is the vast experience and specialised skills the company offers, along with its strong focus on niche requirements within the IT industry. In essence, states Deon, DFA builds solutions around products, because in modern business, one cannot survive only by selling product. Besides, he suggests, providing complete solutions is a lot more fun. Looking ahead, he aims to expand the business and become a bigger player, thereby creating more opportunity and especially employment. This is important, as the bulk of his existing employees already come direct from either school or tertiary education institutions, and he prides himself on developing them into highly skilled individuals.Asked about his end goal, Deon replies that although some larger entities have already discussed an acquisition, he believes there are greater heights the company can reach. This industry, he points out, is one that evolves rapidly and one of the keys to success has been DFA’s ability to adapt and embrace change. Thus, he believes, the future is, to a large extent, dictated by the dynamics of the industry.

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