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Rebul Custom Packaging


Sending timber crates packing! Why pack up your troubles in your old kitbag when you can pack whatever you like into a customisable, re-usable, lightweight and recyclable Rebul crate? Colyn Oldham says that the crates provided by his company, Rebul Packaging, are unlike anything else in the industry, being customisable, re-usable and lightweight, while offering a high degree of protection and shock absorption. Colyn was inspired to launch the business due to the concept of the Rebul crate, which he says is unique, ingenious, and is both recycled and fully recyclable, meaning it complies with worldwide green initiatives. Its only competition, he adds, comes from timber-based products, which require specific skills and tools to assemble, whereas the Rebul crate can be put together simply and easily, and can also be re-used once opened. He says that having started out as a partner in a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing company, he quickly learnt the inherent value of providing customised solutions to individual needs. He maintains this personalised attention with regard to Rebul clients, which are mainly from the arts, décor, exhibits, food and industrial sectors. The Rebul crates offer a high degree of protection and shock absorption, continues Colyn, pointing out that they are also custom-built to reduce freight volumes and to ensure items do not move inside the crate. Moreover, the unique, paper-based construction system enables loads of up to 800kg to be carried. Colyn says that the uniqueness, strength and sustainability of his product set it up to potentially be able to become a worldwide solution to alleviating the environmental pressure on timber and associated timber crating. He says that the plan is to first hone the South African business and learn through its growth, and then start moving into the European and US markets. He is particularly proud that in a world of increasing environmental focus, there is a uniquely South African solution to providing a ‘green’ protective packaging system.

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