Singer Group


Enjoy the journey and the destination In all families, there comes a time when one of the members wants to shout at the others: “give me some room”. In the Singer Group of Companies, a family-run business in the Western Cape, rooms are just one of the services they provide, through the organisation’s businesses focused on the travel and hospitality industry. From hotels to holidays and from dinners and events to staff incentives, Lee-Anne Singer points out that the company does it all. The Singer Group is a family-owned business that operates with big business thinking, says Lee-Anne. More critically, the business has an edge on its competition in that quick decisions can be made by the family when required, without the burden of red tape and bureaucracy. She explains that the organisation’s hotels and resorts cater for travellers across a range of markets, while its travel agency has been booking both leisure and corporate travel for half a century. In its 50 years of business, the company has prided itself on stimulating the local economy and creating jobs. Lee-Anne adds that with its long-standing role in the local economy, the Singer Group already has solid relationships in place with both the public and private sector. For this reason, the company has been on a steady growth path for some time. Looking to the future, she says that in truth, being an entrepreneur is not about the final destination, but rather about the journey, the passengers one picks up along the way and the stations one stops at. There are various stations she would like to visit on her journey, she continues, suggesting that plans are afoot to expanding the hotel footprint to Gauteng and also to continue the development of the company’s online flight booking tool, Amazing Flights.

On-air Interview