e-Wine for Mzanzi! If you can do your banking from the convenience of your home, thanks to the Internet, why should you have to go out to a bottle store to purchase your liquor? This question led David Muller to purchase Cybercellar in 2012, taking an underperforming company and combining his love of business with a careful strategy to play to the company’s strengths and abilities, and made it work. He explains that has been rated South Africa’s number one online wine shop and is on online venue that allows customers to stock up on wines, craft beers and fine brandy and whiskey. The business offers a selection of over 3 000 products, and provides free delivery and expert advice to customers, making it their one-stop-shop for all their liquor needs. David says the business sources wine across the spectrum – whether it is for the wine connoisseur, sourcing rare and hard to find wines for their collection, or the value buyer that is mostly promotional and value driven, Cybercellar does it all. While the business works closely with the big wine brands and estates in SA, David adds they also have a special affinity for the boutique cellars. It’s all about easem simplicity and convencience for his customers, he suggests. By remaining a pure e-ciommerce channel, Cybercellar is able to deliver this, along with good prices, personal service and an excellent overall experience.This, states David, is what keeps customers coming back and ensures the company has an average rating of 4.6/5 on Looking forward, he aims to be seen as the preferred wine retailer in South Africa within the next three years. Following this, the next step will be geographic expansion, led by the acquisition of small but well positioned players in key markets. He also aims to gain greater access to corporate institutions and their clientele.

On-air Interview