POP Warehouse


POP goes the warehouse! Logic may be what keeps Mr Spock a step ahead of Captain Kirk, but in the business world, it is logistics that make the world go round. Shafiqah Moonda and her partner, Belinda Traverso, certainly understand this, having drawn on their joint experiences working for Unilever as category managers, managing brand positioning for key clients to launch POPWarehouse. POP (or Point Of Purchase) Warehouse offers a warehousing and logistics service for below the line promotional and advertising material. The company manages the outbound supply chain, explains Shafiqah – including warehousing, distribution to retail and installation of point of sale (PoS) – and began as a niche market operator, but today services multinational customers in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and pharmaceutical sectors. She adds that customers love the fact that the company offers a transparent and simple solution, with stewardship at every point in the outbound PoS supply chain, along with the real time and relevant information needed to keep track of what is going on. Shafiqah says that the business works because it is small enough to care about clients’ material, but big enough to deliver. She is adamant that her business will add efficiencies to any marketing strategy, by ensuring that the customer will get the return on investment for their PoS material, by getting to the right place at the right time. Working in a male-dominated environment, these two ladies use the motto: ‘One man’s chaos is another woman’s business’. Their plans for the future of this business include turning it into a large entity that can offer employment to at least 200 people. Furthermore, they want to take their concept to other countries in a logical and sustainable manner.

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