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Just another brick in the wall While many slightly vain people are worried about water retention, Bernd Holger is only concerned about one thing: soil retention, so much so that he has designed an interlocking and reversible hollow core earth retaining block. This, he explains, offers a sustainable alternative to impermeable and unsightly solid concrete or brick retaining walls. Having begun his career as an architectural draughtsman, Bernd later spent some time dealing with importing and marketing gabions. This experience put him in the perfect position to build his business, Terraforce, focused on durable and cost effective retaining blocks that deliver affordability and sustainability. He points out that retaining walls that are constructed using the Terraforce system are easily formed into curves or walls with the upper and lower profiles continuously changing. This is not only visually impressive, but the blocks also represent one of most energy efficient retaining wall systems in SA. This is because they require low hardware input for manufacture, low transport and inventory requirements at sales outlets and - being hollow – need less concrete than solid systems. They are also plantable and if irrigated properly, can quickly become covered with vegetation. His current aim is to gain a stronger foothold in Gauteng, where a rival solution using open-faced blocks remains popular. Bernd says he also wants to grow overseas licensees and enable them to become more established and stable.at same time. New licensees will, of course, need to be as dependable and honest as the existing ones. He believes he has built a foundation for success, and the only thing still required to reach skyscraper heights is to overcome the habit of South Africans to choose cheaper retaining systems. He says that too many people still adopt a quantity over quality approach, without realising that quality is ultimately cheaper in the long run

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