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Red Fish


Don’t just ‘go fish’, Go RedFish! All good businesses need a strong foundation, along with an effective structure to keep them steady. For Philipp Hartmann, foundations and structures form the basis of his business model, which focuses on making the building and construction market more transparent, equal and safer. With RedFish, on online portal that connects vetted tradesmen with consumers, he has achieved his goal. RedFish, says Philipp, plays host to a range of trustworthy tradesmen who are rated on each job by the user. In this way, he says, consumers are able to gain access to the people they need for home improvement, construction and repair jobs, and can choose who they use based on real-time ratings from previous customers who have already experienced their service. While any good tradesman or SME can create viable business growth via word-of-mouth referrals, these tend to work very slowly. As an online marketplace, RedFish provides a user-generated review and supply-and-demand system. It means better word-of-mouth for those who excel, while also ensuring customers are able to make safer choices with regard to artisans they use. He feels that RedFish is in the right place at the right time, as although there remains a need to educate users, since South Africans are not as used to utilising the Internet for a service like this as they could be, he has already seen a strong shift in the market. Philipp says that his ultimate goal is to become South Africa’s (and later the entire continent’s) leading home improvement and construction platform of choice. Moreover, he believes that ReFish is well on its way to achieving this, thanks to a strong and easy to remember brand name, coupled with the perception that is is already delivering top quaility in its field. Taking it to the next level, therefore, will simply require hard work and time.

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