Hyde Hotel


Time to seek The HydeThe best experiences hide in plain sight, while canny tourists seek a niche hideaway – both of these are aspects of The Hyde Hotel in Cape Town. Leon Knoetze says that although he has been involved in a number of businesses over the years, he always hankered for one where he could deal with the holidaymaker public. Or as he puts it, the guys and gals out to enjoy themselves, since he describes himself as an enjoyer of life, so he feels he knows exactly what they want. To this end, and with Cape Town considered to be the ‘showroom’ of the country in tourism terms, Leon felt that crafting a four-star, reasonably-priced boutique hotel that offered exceptional accommodation and service could play a significant role in putting the country on the map.He says The Hyde Hotel caters for business and holiday travellers. All employees are handpicked and undergo rigorous training to adapt to The Hyde ‘culture’. This, he says, is one that focuses on the principles of ‘can do’ and ‘care why’. He says The Hyde is already well-known as a ‘home away from home’ boutique hotel, due to the caring and interest of the staff. Adding to this home away from home impression, the hotel - in addition to the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner arrangement - also offers a value-added kitchen in each room, for those guests that like to cook their own meals.Having already put The Hyde out in plain sight, Leon now aims to make it one of the best travel destinations in Cape Town, while increasing annual turnover significantly. He says he can achieve this by adding two or three more adventure-type arms, like a game reserve and/or fishing destination to its portfolio. If these are situated in other provinces or even countries, it will enable The Hyde to qualitatively host both international and local guests during their quest for SA adventures.

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